Welcome to PGT - Pequenos Gatitos

If you haven't changed your nickname yet, don't forget to do so!.
Read and if in doubt, look for one of our R4 or R5.


1 - Actively help other members using the "Help botton" in faction area.
This will accelerate the development of each of us, and you will also be able to get Faction contributions to exchenge them against various objects!
2 - Faction Donations are required every day and Faction Investments are usefull to everyone!
3 - Pay attention to the rules of conduct for raids and events in the Faction Rules tab

Our Allies

° [sFx] - Stripped FoXes
° [BzR] - BurnZeroRepeat
° [JP0] - Japonesefoodlove

Don't attack allied members.
Don't attack Factions Academy (top 5)

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Our website is filled with valuable rules and tips, serving as a beacon for all members seeking guidance to progress in the game and within the faction. We are committed to providing a comprehensive guide that not only details the rules but also offers expert insights to enhance your skills and strategies.
Every contribution, regardless of the amount, will be directed towards improving the guide's content by adding new strategies, updates, and valuable tips, as well as covering server/hosting costs and maintenance. We pledge to maintain complete transparency regarding the use of these resources, ensuring that each donation is invested in strengthening the community.
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