Investment Center

    These are some tips for evolving your specializations and investments.
    Remember: If you have any questions, contact our R4 or R5 members.

  • Investment Center

    Economy Crew Advanced Crew

    Try to focus on these investments, for constant growth.
    Advanced Crew

  • Tiles

    Bank Armory Depot Jeweler Metalworks

    If you need to return your troops, for events like Underground Market (UM), save the tile in your favorites and return as soon as possible.
    Send the coordinates of the tile in the faction chat, stating that you will return to finish it (if it is level 5, let us know in the city chat). If you need to remove the tile for personal reasons, ask for help so that someone can finish it for you, DO NOT LEAVE TILES DIRTY!
    Unfinished tiles remain unfinished, they do not restore like mercenaries. Therefore, it is important to always follow this city rule of total cleaning.

  • Robbery

    select-vig highlevel-select

    When carrying out the robbery, look at the number of troops, see if you have enough available to complete it and click on the orange button (High level).
    • It is recommended to use fast troops like motorbikes and snipers for distant tiles!

    Remember to add enforcers that are not maximized and of greater importance to the robbery, so they can gain experience!