City Rules

1 - Do not attack ANYONE from the top 10 strongest factions!
2 - Do not invite members from the top 10 factions!
3 - Do not leave unfinished tiles, do not rush, and do not hit already occupied tiles!
4 - Do not insult or seek unnecessary fights!
5 - Clean tiles following robbery instructions or face consequences!

Our Hive

° If not located near us, ask an R4/5 for the location and a suitable spot to be allocated.

° The first row is reserved for faction Raiders, so do not occupy it if you are not a Raider.

° Any allocated spot is yours. Make sure the area is covered by another player until you return; this will become more apparent as we progress in the game at later levels.

° Give license to steal, etc.

° Make sure the area is covered by another player until you return, this will become more evident as we progress through the game in later levels.

Our Allies

° [sFx] - Stripped FoXes
° [BzR] - BurnZeroRepeat
° [JP0] - Japonesefoodlove
Don't attack allied members.

QR Rules - Quick Robbery


1 - Rule applied only to level 5 jewelry.
2 - Use QR to instantly steal the tile.
3 - In case of non-use: An alert will be issued and in case of non-compliance you will be attacked.

What is QR?

A skill of babe Camila, which can be evolved.
Babe Camila is obtained from the level 21 mansion, to evolve the skill it is necessary to meet with Camila and Games.

Usage tips

As it is a random ability, whenever you use it, it is interesting that you only send it to the tiles you want.
For example:
At level 1 the QR: Can be used to clear one tile completely.
Therefore, only send the steal line of the target tile.
If your QR is at the level to perform two tiles, send only the two steal lines.
This will ensure that the ability will only be used on the desired tile.
Always check the operating capacity, as failure to send it correctly will leave the tile dirty.