These are some tips for evolving your specializations and investments.
    Remember: If you have any questions, contact our R4 or R5 members.

  • Specialties Level I and II

    Construction Speed I Construction Speed II Investment Speed I Investment Speed II Training Speed I Training Speed II

    Development and theft

    Focus on fully completing the specializations that are in gold (complete) in the image above, as they will be of great help to your evolution with:
    Activate "Farm mode" by following these instructions to steal level 5 tiles:
    Specializations: Construction speed, investment speed and training speed ALL MAX! Then put speciality points in robbery speed level 2 (50/50) if you have some speciality points left, then put on robbery speed level 1 (15/15) and crew load capacity I and II.
    (If you don't understand or can't put your specializations, talk to an R4 or R5 and ask for photos of the specializations, or look at R5's photo wall!)
    We also ask that you activate the robbery speed item 50 if you are going to steal JEWELRY 5!
    Finish them in one operation! Banking and Deposits can be done in 2 operations, but don't leave it dirty



Ideal and necessary equipment for robbery: Architect's electric gun, Architect's shirt, Investor's suit pants, Architect's shoes, Investor's dagger!